Care for animals, Love them, they aren’t your fun essentials

Like humans, animals deserve a life free from cruelty, abuse, and violence. Whether a domestic pet street animal or wildlife, all animals should be treated with kindness, respect and affection. Like us, they too are worthy of living a free life and enjoying their surroundings and native environments. And, why not, the land (Earth) we live on is their home as well.

Are we cruel to animals

Yes! Many of us grow up eating chicken, fish, meat or flesh that comes from killing different animals. Our clothes like leather jackets, shoes, belts and fur coats are made from animal skin. In addition, animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, and monkeys are forced to perform and entertain audiences in circuses. There are many more forms and acts of cruelty towards animals:

  • Abandonment of animals: Often people (temporary caretakers or pet owners) leave their pets behind in a public places to get rid of them.
  • Neglecting animals: Animal owners fail to provide their pets with adequate food, shelter, and necessary care, which leads to health problems, dehydration, starvation and parasite infestations.
  • Industrial animal cruelty or factory farming: Without considering animal welfare, many animals are raised in factory farms, for the production of food (egg, meat and milk), clothes and other products. They are kept in filthy sheds, wired cages, gestation crates, and confinement systems restricting their movement and natural living conditions.
  • Cruelty to working animals:People use animals as tools for commercial purposes, like bullfighting, circus, transportation, and TV or film production. Animals are cruelly beaten, physically harmed, and forced to work under distressed situations
We understand what they need, what they deserve…

Sadly, many of us hurt animals intentionally or unintentionally and fail to provide even the most basic protections to our animals. But, with Buddy Care Foundation, you can help alleviate the pain and suffering of such animals. BCF helps improve the lives of needy, abandoned, and abused animals. The foundation fights to reduce and eliminate the practices that lead to animal abuse and cruelty and provide the abandoned and abused animals with the love, support and care they need, they deserve.